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Fanatic Fish Tank Build Continues – Framing Complete!

Had some more progress today on the tank build.. man o’ man this is getting exciting!

Essentially the framing for the tank is now complete. Per a fellow AP’er on a local forum’s suggestion, I decided to beef up the base of the tank with some additional cross members spaced roughly a foot apart to give it additional strength. I decided to go this route rather than deviate from using my reclaimed lumber and buying a large piece of thick plywood (that stuff’s expeeeensiiiiive!). The real test came when I decided to take this tubby body and jump up and down all over the base to see if I would cause any bowing between members. Figure at 200+ pounds and hitting a square foot area with all I could muster, its gonna hold!

I also got the rest of the sides adjoined to the OSB boards. This was the most time consuming since I was adamant about putting in enough screws in this beast to effectively turn in into a bunker when complete ­čśë

Lastly I did decide to deviate a bit from the use of regular deck screws and go with large 4″ lag bolts to secure the sides and base together. These will DEFINITELY be able to hold up to the shear forces involved with holding 7000 pounds of water.








At this stage it now goes to paint. I was able to get a commercial grade outdoor paint at Home Depot on the cheap. Simply go and ask for their ‘reject’ pile. Came across a nice 5 gallon bucket of tan paint which I will apply liberally come tomorrow. The fact that it was 80% off… BONUS!

All in all a very productive weekend!