I hate the idea of  a mid-life crisis..
Because I’d seen it happen in my youth and I swore that would never happen to me..
It did anyway.

My goals were pretty straight forward in the beginning.. I had to make money with a good career, get all the nifty little toys and hit that finish line of 40 with a nice home, a family, and a little nest egg sitting on the sidelines awaiting early retirement.. so the plan went.
We all have them.. and like most, life just has a way of kicking the cr@p out of them.

Rather than go into a major biopic of my past problems, I’m going to go into my solutions.
That is what this site is about, the need for serious simplification.

The title ‘Urban Farm Fanatic’ and the idea of sustainability formed for me a new lifestyle choice.
This is the new path I embark on.

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