2nd Grow-Bed Complete – Also Added Some Shade Cloth to my Aquaponics Greenhouse!

I’ve gotta say, the progress is getting very good at the moment!

Last week I was ecstatic that I was starting my cycle and this weekend (i.e. Labor Day) I was able to get my second grow-bed completed and get some shade cloth put up on the greenhouse.

I also made some small modifications to the siphon outflow pipe by adding in another section of 4″ PVC that I custom cut to cover the areas where the outflow pipe merges into the main drain. I did this to help reduce algae, evaporation and potential bug issues.

This day was a bit taxing as the heat has just been murder lately 😦

It was also the reason for the shade cloth being put up. My good friend John has noticed a marked improvement on his plants health since he put up some of the stuff himself. It screens about 85%, which may sound like a lot.. a lot that is till you’ve lived in Phoenix in the middle of Summer. Plants that are not native to this region will burn just as sure as you will in the Valley of the Sun, I guarantee!

My numbers as of late have been improving since I started my cycle.

  • Ph – 7.6 (about a .8 drop in less than a week and I have not added any Muriatic Acid to produce this result, all natural)
  • Ammonia – .25 ppm (I went ahead and added another dosage today as that reading is getting a little on the low side.. and for good reason..)
  • Nitrite – 5 ppm (the natural bacteria that produces Nitrites have been going to town! These hungry little buggers have been eating it up!)
  • Nitrate – 2.5 ppm (the secondary bacteria that help produce the Nitrates that the plants will use as food are starting to take residence quite nicely!)

I should have a full cycle in the next week or two. As I’ve just added a second grow-bed I’ll be looking the numbers over to see how that addition has affected my readings tomorrow.

So exciting!!!! 🙂

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  1. My fiance and I have been doing some research and planning on starting our own farm, we discovered your site and haven’t been able to stop reading. We are living in gilbert, so this is great. Thanks for all the info, and keep posting!!

    • Thanks for the Kudos!
      One of my wishes was to pass on the knowledge of AP to others… and I’m glad people (such as yourself) are gleaning good info from my trials in AP.

      I’d recommend a blog of your own just to keep track of your progress and to help stay inspired. Hearing feedback from others helps keep one motivated 🙂

      Good luck to you!

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