Fanatic Fish Tank Build – Paint Complete – Onto the HOLE!

I’m happy with the progress so far. The next item on the list was to get the entire frame for the tank slathered with at least three coats of paint. Mission accomplished!

Even had a quick rain storm kick through and the new paint worked like a champ. I’ll be getting the framing put together upon completion of the new task at hand, which is digging a very large hole using only sweat equity on my part. I had thought about renting a jackhammer to get through the unusually hard ground one finds here in Phoenix. But luckily, I took the advice of my best friend and also my wife and ran the hose at a slow trickle the night before I was to dig.

Sure enough it did the trick! The ground softened up nicely and I’m currently about half way through the dig. Granted I’m exhausted. The bod is sore. But it was a good days work and progress went much better than day one.

Once I’ve got the hole dug, the question that is pondering my mind is should I piece together the framing in the hole, or just assemble topside, then get a few grunts to help me lower the whole thing. I had recently helped a friend do the same with his own tank burial, and that was not an experience I wish to repeat. Especially since my tank is about 1/4 larger (and most likely heavier) than his. I would definitely say a minimum of 4 people with rope to help lower this beast into the ground.

Which is also why I pondered doing the assembly in ground. Problem with that idea is that the hole then needs to be dug considerably wider and longer to accommodate a human being. After my recent two digs, I’m a bit put off by that requirement. So most likely I’ll be lowering this beastie with some buddies in the near future.

As always, you’ll see it here first!

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