Fanatic Tear Down of the Termite Mansion!

This weekends big ticket item was the dismantling of our old shed. There are many reasons I can list as to why this shed was taken down. First and foremost because it was a termite buffet (the proofs in the pics). We knew we had termite issues as we had a pest control company come out and check our surrounding areas for potential pests. One thing you must understand about the state of Arizona.. if you live here, you’ve got termites, guarantee it. No real way to get rid of them completely. Its why most building construction (at least pre-early 80’s) was done using cinder-block construction.

One does not truly understand the issue till one sees a colony first hand. For me that colony was most pre-dominant below the shed, which I believe has sat there for at least several years. Another reason for my wishing to dismantle it was that it consumed a part of our yard that we wish to revamp into something more ‘us’. Lastly I planned on reclaiming a good portion of the wood (obviously the stuff that the termites did not get their teeth into) and use that for my Aquaponics Greenhouse build.

I can honestly say that aside from a few sheets that were unprotected from the elements and pests, that there was a good deal of wood that I can re-use for my project… YAY! All told, the teardown took the better part of 5 hours, which in my mind was remarkably fast considering the size of the structure (8’x16′).

This weekend kicked into the low 100’s, so by the time I was done, I was a wet soppy mess. I had little left in me to proceed at that point. The next step is to remove nails/screws from the wood and sort what’s usable and what will be tossed.

All told, a very productive weekend!


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  1. Good work Mr. You’ll be able to do all sorts of things with the lumber you’ve got there.
    Progress is good.

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