Growing Protein Sources..

When I used to think of gardens, it was in the traditional sense.. fruits and veggies. More and more though I’m coming to a conclusion that I need to also focus on the other half of growing food… proteins.

I’ve never been a fan of humanely killing animals for general consumption. This came after visiting a slaughter house in Greeley, Colorado when I was attending college. When you see it at that scale and the sheer mechanics of it all, it will definitely change your view of how you get the chow on your table. Like most, its much easier to just buy a package of pre-processed meat to serve because of the disconnect one has with ones food nowadays. But now that I’m making a more dramatic leap into cultivating my own foods, it becomes much more apparent that I need to add proteins into the mix and attempt to do so as humanely as possible.

Eggs are our first jump. As no fertilization takes place, our eggs are in essence a simple source of protein that can be repetitively cultivated and not have any negative side effects towards the animals themselves. Our chickens are not for meat consumption, purely for egg laying. The next steps will be to harvest things like fish (on ice), Crayfish, Quinoa, Spirulina, Soy, milk products such as cheese and whey. Other protein bearing foods like nuts and beans can be cultivated as well.

I won’t say I’ll be totally cured of the need for beef. I readily admit that on occasion I’ll head out for a steak every now and again. But hopefully no where near as much as I once used to.

Truth be told, it’ll get much easier as time goes on. We’ve all seen the grocery bills climb in recent years and that trend, like gas prices, is not likely to go back down to more reasonable prices ever again.

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  1. So how was that burger we had last night? I know what you’re getting at but it would be a significant change. Being closer to the food source gives a much better perspective. I suppose growing up on a farm, I was closer to that than most.

  2. Great thoughts on growing your own proteins. I’ve been considering fish farming, although lightly at this point. I’m so busy with simple gardening at this point that my family would suffer if I added more stuff. I would like to work toward a self-sufficient and self-sustaining farm, but like everything else I have to take it one step at a time. Props to you on this post. The protein side of things almost always gets left out in these discussions.

    • Its been something that I’ve been wanting to tackle for while.. like you, I’ve had the desire, I’ve just been in a state of limbo as of late to getting started. Things are finally getting sorted out and now I’m ready to tackle it head on. Thanks for the kudos.. really appreciate that 🙂

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