Rhode Island Reds, Cuckoo Morans & Ameraucana – Chicken Status!

Our Brood - 1 Week

Our Brood - 1 Week

Well, we haven’t killed them yet! 🙂

As mentioned earlier, this is our first foray with raising chickens and we were a bit worried.. recently we had a pretty good cold snap kick through here, so I was concerned about maintaining the temperature where it needed to be. But the chicken coop held up well (no leaks) and our breeder light kept the temps well into the 90’s even with potential drafts (wind gusts were hitting 40-50mph). They all came through with flying colors!

We also finally nailed down names for each of our brood. Names? Wow! You guys seriously are city slickers! 😉

Of the Rhode Island Reds, there is now Blondie (the lighter of the two) and Paprika. Our Ameraucana chick has been named Bluebell. Finally the two Cuckoo Morans, one has an very prominent white spot on its head, so I named her Eightball and the last was a toughee.. since we had such difficulty coming up with one, ‘She Who Could Not Be Named’ is now called Voldemort :))



I’d say a job well done so far! They are now just over a week old. The wing feathers are coming in nicely! Appetites are strong and they like to engage with us now (especially if we’re providing Mealworms for a tasty treat).

The next steps will be to ween off the breeder light and reduce the temp about 5 degrees each week. I’m also going to need to add a cover on the breeder bin eventually, to negate accidental ‘jumpers’ from leaving the area too soon.

Some observations thus far.. of all the birds, Bluebell is by far the most docile and accepting of being handled. She also has a serious chicken sweet-tooth for meal worms and likes to do a happy dance as soon as she’s got her beak on one.



Next up, Blondie and Paprika are more lovers than fighters, though they take a bit more time to warm up to being held. Already you can see that their gobblers are starting to form on their heads. Lastly there is Eightball and Voldemort.. who would prefer not to be picked up and are typically vocal about it, they are also the biggest of all the chicks. These little guys need more one on one time 😉

All chicks are starting to form feathers on their wings as well as testing the use of said wings. Each one DEFINITELY has a unique personality! I’ve never had a bird for a pet and found it kinda strange those people who do, but now I’m starting to understand it more and more.



The only other item of  I’d like to mention has been that they do need stimulation. Chickens I’ve found like to have items to keep them occupied. We’re planning on adding in a straw tower in one corner for them to peck at and later I’m thinking of installing a sandbox in the run for them to scratch around in once they’ve existed from the breeder box.

In the next week or two I plan on adding an automatic door to the coop and some perches for them to roost on once they’re older. I’ll post those updates as soon as I have them.






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  1. Beautiful chicks. Love their names.

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